• Johnson007rrr

    Sterling Johnson

    ADRC Associate Director; Jean R. Finley Professor of Geriatrics and Dementia

    I lead the WRAP study and the ADRC biomarkers core. I'm interested in early identification of Alzheimer's Disease using amyloid and tau imaging, and the factors conferring risk and resilience to AD.

  • Img_1382

    Lindsay Clark

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Clark is a clinical neuropsychologist and assistant professor. She is interested in developing easily disseminable and reliable tools to detect early cognitive impairment, predicting clinical outcomes based on AD biomarkers and modifiable risk factors, and understanding impact of biomarker disclosure in diverse populations.

  • Screen_shot_2015-03-20_at_10

    Ozioma Okonkwo

    Principal Investigator; Assistant Professor

    Ozioma is an Assistant Professor and Clinical Neuropsychologist. He is interested in elucidating how early brain changes interface with lifestyle and genetic factors to influence progression from cognitive normalcy to symptomatic Alzheimer's disease.

  • Img_1479

    Megan Zuelsdorff

    Principal Investigator; Assistant Scientist

    Dr. Megan Zuelsdorff is a social epidemiologist interested in physiological mechanisms linking socioenvironmental exposures across the life course to ADRD risk and resilience in older age.

  • _mg_4909

    Barbara Bendlin

    Principal Investigator; Associate Professor

    My lab studies aging and Alzheimer's disease. I am interested in understanding the interplay of factors that contribute to healthy or pathological brain aging. In particular, the effect of factors that contribute to or protect against the development of Alzheimer's disease.

  • Img_2852_cropped

    Catherine Gallagher

    Principal Investigator; Associate Professor

    Catherine Gallagher , MD, is a neurologist and movement disorders specialist who is studying PET and MRI biomarkers in Parkinson’s disease. She is also experienced in the diagnosis of AD and non-Alzheimer dementias.

  • Vikassingh

    Vikas Singh

    Principal Investigator; Associate Professor

    Vikas leads the image analysis service of the ADRC imaging core. He is an Associate Professor in the Biostatistics & Medical Informatics and Computer Sciences at UW. He specializes in image analysis, computer vision and machine learning.

  • Rowley

    Howard Rowley

    Professor of Neuroradiology

    Dr. Howard A. Rowley is co-director of the Wisconsin ADRC imaging Core. He is a Professor of Radiology, Neurology, and Neurosurgery; Chief of Neuroradiology; and the Joseph F. Sackett Professor of Radiology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

  • Samantha_allison

    Samantha Allison

    Research Associate

  • Betthauser_tobey_2018_04_24_med_crop

    Tobey Betthauser

    Research Associate

    Dr. Betthauser is a postdoctoral researcher investigating neuroimaging biomarkers that detect pathological features of Alzheimer's disease. His research has focused on the evaluation and quantification methodology of novel positron emission tomography (PET) radioligands designed to detect neurofibrillary tau tangles, a hallmark pathological feature of Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Betthauser is currently exploring relationships between imaging and other AD biomarkers, and their modifying effects on clinical disease outcomes.

  • Img_1550

    Gilda Ennis

    Research Associate



  • Asthana

    Sanjay Asthana

    ADRC Director

    Dr. Asthana is Professor of Medicine; Section head of Geriatrics, VA GRECC Director, and ADRC Director. He specializes in dementia characterization and evaluation of interventions for AD.

  • Gleason_carey

    Carey Gleason

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Gleason is a clinical neuropsychologist and the Administrative Director of the Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center. She conducts studies on the effect of hormones on cognition and brain function and also conducts studies on cognitive and brain factors that make elderly individuals at greater risk for falls.

  • Aalexander

    Andrew Alexander

    Associate Professor

    The research of my group is focused on developing imaging and analysis techniques for the study of human brain function with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at 3 tesla. My research group is actively involved in functional MRI techniques, functional MRI of TMS brain stimulation, white matter organization mapping, and structural characterization of brain tissues.

  • Carlsson_cynthia_large

    Cynthia Carlsson

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Carlsson’s research focuses on the effects of vascular risk factors and their treatments on cognition and biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease in persons at risk for dementia.

  • Christian

    Brad Christian

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Christian leads the PET imaging service in the Wisconsin ADRC. His research involves the development and application of PET methodologies to investigate neurochemical changes in the brain, including studying novel radioligands to characterize neurotransmitter-protein interactions and how they are influenced by the effects of neuropsychiatric disease and psychotropic drugs.

  • Luigi

    Luigi Puglielli

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Puglielli's broad research interests focus on the role that lipid metabolism plays in the regulation of Aβ (amyloid β-peptide) generation and synaptogenesis during both normal aging of the brain and the Alzheimer-type of neurodegeneration. Specifically, we focus on the role played by the ceramide-dependent signaling cascade, and by intracellular cholesterol distribution.

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