Martina Ly

Graduate Student

Clinical Science Center
600 Highland Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin, 53792

Office: (608)265-8281 x
Fax: (608)265-3091
Web: [visit personal web site]


I am a third year graduate student in the Neuroscience Training Program.

My main research interests lie in further understanding age-related structural changes and socioemotional processing in the aging brain. In addition to functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging, she hopes to apply methods for multimodal imaging and network connectivity analysis.

I am currently investigating the effect of contemplative practice on cortical structure in Richard Davidson’s lab and studying the temporal relationship between white matter integrity and grey matter atrophy with Barbara Bendlin.


  • Ly, M, Canu, E, Guofan, X, McLaren, DG, Dowling, M, Alexander, AL, Sager, MA, Johnson, SC, & Bendlin, BB. (in submission) “Microstructural diffusion parameters predict subsequent regional brain volume loss in healthy late-middle-aged adults.”
  • Haynes, RM, Barter, JW, Christopoulos, GI, Bhaskar, SK, Ly, M, Weinberger, DR, Schultz, W, & Zink, CF. (in submission) “5-HTTLPR Predicts Amygdala-mediated Shift in Preference for Risk in a Financial Dilemma.”
  • Blitzer, DN, Barter, JW, Haynes, RM, Colalillo, SA, Ly, M, Weinberger, DR, Zink, CF. (in submission) “Human ventral striatal activation during reward anticipation is elicited by motivational value, rather than reward value.”
  • Ly, M, Motzkin, JC, Philippi, CL, Kirk, GR, Newman, JP, Kiehl, KA, & Koenigs, M (2012) “Cortical thinning in psychopathy.” Am J Psychiatry, 169(7), 743-9.
  • Ly, M, Haynes, MR, Barter, JW, Weinberger, DR, & Zink, CF (2011) “Subjective socioeconomic status predicts human ventral striatal responses to social status information.” Current Biology, 21(9), 794-7.
  • Crocitto, LE, Ly, M, Satterthwaite, R, Wilson, T & Nelson, RA (2008) “Can Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy Be Recommended to Obese Patients?” Journal of Robotic Surgery (1), 297-302.